2. Research structure : Research organization
Research structure
  • Research organization
  • Targets in each group and area
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Research Institute for Humanity and Nature(RIHN)

Futre Earth


Research structure

Research organization

Group1 :Environmental governance, science in/for society, and co-design/co-production approaches, in particular emphasizing regional scale stake-holders such as GEC (Global Environmental Change) Asia Platform

Group2 :Biophysical measurements/analyses of the water-energy nexus by using state-of-art space satellite, geothermic, and hydrogeological techniques to evaluate linkages between water and energy

Group3 :Biophysical measurements/analyses within the water-food (e.g., fisheries resources) nexus by using state-of-the-art geochemical, coastal oceanographic, geophysical, hydrologic, and ecological techniques including isotopic tracers to evaluate the linkages between land and ocean

Group4 :Social measurements/analyses of the water-energy-food relationships by use of community surveys, cost-benefit/efficiency analysis, and environmental valuation, based on sociology, economics, anthropology, psychology, and behavior-science methodologies

Group5 :Development of integrated indicators/indices and network analyses based on principal component analyses (PCA), social network analyses, and factors weights determined by feedback from stakeholder meeting/workshops

    Area ・Japanese site(1) Obama, Fukui
  •     ・Japanese site(2) Otsuchi, Iwate
  •     ・Japanese site(3) Beppu, Oita
  •     ・Canada study group
  •     ・America study group
  •     ・Indonesia study group
  •     ・Philippine study group

Organizational structure
Fig.1 Organizational structure