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Future Earth


Future Earth

Future Earth Workshop on the Water-Energy-Food Nexus 2016
“Governance transformation and intergrated observations for the Water-Energy-Food Nexus”


There is about seven billion people living on Earth that consumes a lot of energy and resources and this has caused dramatic changes on Earth’s environment to go beyond its limits (planetary boundary) and thresholds (tipping point). The increasing human activity and environmental impact in this new human era (Anthropocene) calls for an integrated approaches toward the sustainability of both humanity and environmental systems.


Based on this recognition, Future Earth, an integrated global research program, was promoted in cooperation with the alliance of seven international research institutions namely, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), United Nations University (UNU), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU), International Social Science Council (ISSC), Belmont Forum (BF) and the International Group of Funding Agencies for Global Change Research (IGFA).


Currently, there are two trending programs, an integrated environmental research on global environmental change (GEC) and a social research on sustainable development goals (SDG). The two programs are at work while a new international collaborative research under Rio+20 is underway. Future Earth employs interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches that involves research and non-research community stakeholders (policy and government officials, business community, various NGOs/ NPOs and media groups) to pursue global environmental conservation and sustainability through co-creation (co-design and co-production) from a regional to a global level.


Future Earth, in close coordination with research projects, will work on Post SDGs towards the establishment of societal security with an aim to present optimal policies for water, energy and food nexus.




Environmental Research Quarterly No.170

Research Trends on Global Environmental Changes with Future Earthpdf