Visual Installation 
Foodscape in Mindscape
“I have eaten for hundred years, I have eaten for three years”


How the experience of eating is narrated and memorized? Observing the eating as habitus in the life world, problem of memory and subjectivity of eating emerges. How the experience of eating remains in his or her memory is one of the fundamental elements how he or she eats now in the present. Even after a century, a centenarian can remember what he ate in his childhood vividly in detail. Based on the field work in Okinawa and Kyoto, in this installation, the interview and “food-scape” of 100-year-old gentleman and 3-year-old lady is showed and provide an entry point for the coming discussion.

Date & Hours: Friday, May 11 - Friday, May 18, 2018, 10:00 - 16:30
*Saturday and Sunday closed. On 18th ends at 14:30.
Venue: Exhibition Hall, RIHN( →Access)
Support: Lifeworlds of Sustainable Food Consumption and Production (FEAST Project), Research Institute for Humanity and Nature
Synthesis Project for Cutting Edge Research Development of Museum Exhibition, NIHU.
Language: Japanese with English subtile
Remarks: Reservation not required
Contact: Masahiro Terada E-mail
Movies Exhibited:
  • 100 Years Old Shinpuku-san’s Memory of Food, DVD, 7 min.
  • 100 Years Old Shinpuku-san in His Shiikwasaa-lime Orchard, Color DVD, 5min.
  • Three Years Old Tama-chan Eats, Color DVD, 20 min.
  • From Mother to Daughter, or Taste of Family: An Interview with Tama-chan’s mother and grandmother, Color DVD, 11 min.

Masahiro Terada

Visiting Associate Professor of history and meta-history of the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Kyoto. Visual works: Die Kindheit in Koke, Color DVD, 2005; A Passage to Shantiniketan, Color DVD, 2016. Publication: Catastrophe and Time: Memory, Narrative and the Energeia of History, Kyoto: Kyoto University Press, 2018, in Japanese; What You Are Waiting for On the Top of the Volcano, or Towards a New ‘‘Scienza Nuova’ of Humanity and Nature, Showado: Kyoto, 2015,in Japanese.

Documentation photo of exhibition: