The area for cutting and polishing Minitom Precision cut-off machines
Discoplan-TS Cutting/Grinding machine RotoPol-35 / PdM-Force-20 Grinding/Polishing machine
  • Precision cut-off machine Minitom (Struers A/S)
  • Cutting/Grinding machine Discoplan-TS (Struers A/S)
  • Grinding/Polishing machine RotoPol-35 / PdM-Force-20 (Struers A/S)
These instruments are used for cutting and polishing of solid samples whose sizes are relatively small (typically a few cm in size).
  • The precision cut-off machine is used for cutting or slicing of a solid sample with an accuracy of 0.01 mm. Diamond is used as the abrasive covering the outer rim of the cut-off wheel.

  • The cutting/grinding machine is used for cutting of a solid sample (< 10 cm in size) and rough grinding of a cutting surface. Diamond is used as the abrasive of both the cutting-wheel and the grinder.

  • The grinding/polishing machine is used for semi-automatically grinding, lapping and polishing of a surface of a solid sample. It is possible to carry out polishing of 8 specimens simultaneously.
These instruments are applied to cutting and polishing of the following samples:
  • Fish otolith
  • Tooth
  • Stone tool
  • Ceramic product
  • Single crystal grain
  • Rock