Automatic Pulverizer HP-MS The cup magazine
Automatic Pulvarizer HP-MS (Herzog Co., Ltd.)

This instrument can continuously grind a sample whose grain size is several mm into a micron- or submicron-sized powder. 60 sample cups, which are made of tungsten carbide, can be set in the cup magazine. The samples in the cups are automatically and continuously processed without scattering fine powder. It is used for preparation of chemical analyses of soils, sediments, rocks, etc. Especially, it is suitable for grinding of large amounts of sample efficiently.

The machine components for pulverizing, dust-correcting, and the compressor are integrated in one machine housing. Each sample preparation cycle takes 10 - 20 minutes. It grinds the sample with the oscillation method, therefore the grain size is extremely homogeneous.

The collection rate, which generally depends on the amount of the sample, is about 95% of the sample whose weight is 20 g.

It is used for grinding of various solid environmental samples such as rocks, soils, biological samples, artificial materials including archaeological samples, etc.