Scanning electron microscope TM-1000 Secondary electron image of a hair (x600)
Secondary electron image of a head of an ant (x60) Secondary electron image of a head of a pill bug (x60)
Tabletop Microscope TM-1000 (Hitachi High-Technorogies Corporation)

It is used for observation of the micriscopic texture and microstructure of the surface of the solid-state sample. It makes possible observation of the sample without carbon-coating at 10,000-fold magnification. It is made use of studies on growth, formation, and function of living things and inorganic materials.

The sample surface is scanned by a beam of electron in a raster scan pattern. The image is obtained from the reflected electrons or the secondary electrons from the atoms constructing the sample surface. In comparison with the optical microscope, the electron microscope has extremely fine spatial resolution and deep focus depth. Therefore, it is suitable for observation of microstructure of the sample surface.