The MC-ICP-MS system Multicollector ICP-MS NEPTUNE
Auto sampler Desolvating nebulizer system Aridus II
High resolution multicollector ICP-MS NEPTUNE
(Thermo Fisher Scientific K. K.)


Liquid samples are introduced to the nebulizer where the sample aerosol is formed. The sample aerosol is decomposed and simultaneously ionized in the high-energy argon plasma. The ions are extracted from the plasma into the highly-evacuated path, and separated by electric and magnetic fields. The ion beams are measured by the multicollectors simultaneously.


This instrument is used for analyses of isotopic ratios (e.g. Sr, Nd, Fe, and Li) of emvironmental materials.

  • Mass range: 3 - 320 Da (ar acceleration voltage 10kV)
  • Mass resolution: ≤ 10,500
  • Analytical precision: 25 ppm (Nd, Sr)
  • No. of collectors: 9 faraday cups and 8 SEMs
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