Ion chromatography system ICS-90 Auto sampler AS40
Ion chromatography system ICS-3000
(from the left) PC for operation of instruments, an auto sampler, an anion chromatograph, an eluent generator, a pump unit, an ultra-pure water supplier.
  • Ion Chromatography System ICS-90 (Dionex Corporation)
  • Ion Chromatography System ICS-3000 (Dionex Corporation)
These instruments are used for a quantitative/qualitative analysis of a liquid sample. In this analytical method, ions and polar molecules are separated based on the charge properties of the molecules using an ion exchange corumn, and electric conductivity of the target analytes (anions or cations) is measured with time.

  • Water samples:
    rainwater, rhizic water, groundwater, river water, tap water, mineral water, etc.
    • Cations to be measured: Na+, NH4+, K+, Mg2+, Ca2+
    • Anions to be measured: Cl-, NO3-, SO4-