The ICP-MS system ICP-MS Agilent 7500cx
The clean booth for the autosampler The autosampler
ICP-MS Agilent 7500cx (Agilent Technologies)

ICP-MS performs multi-elemental analysis in enviromental samples. It can measure most elements existing on the earth in stable. In the case of environmental samples, about 50 elements are measured using it.

Liquid samples are introduced to the nebulizer where the sample aerosol is formed. The sample aerosol is decomposed and simultaneously ionized in the high-energy argon plasma. The ions are extracted from the plasma into the quadrupole mass spectrometer which is highly evacuated.

The analyte ions are focused by lon lenses into the quadrupole mass analyzer. The analyte ions are separated based on their mass/charge ratio in the mass analyzer. Finally, the ions are measured using an electron multiplier.

  • The following elements in fresh water samples can be measured:
    Li, Be, B, Na, Mg, Al, K, Ca, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, As, Se, Rb, Sr, Mo, Ag, Cd, Sb, Te, Ba, Bi.

The enviromental samples which will be analyzed using the ICP-MS are as follows:

  • Rock
  • Riverine sediment
  • Clam shell
  • Plant