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Asia Vision on GEC

Global Environmental Change-Japan Initiative for
Environmental Research and Sustainability Development in Asia

Global change, both environmental and social, and sustainability development within socio-ecological systems are main issues targeted within the process of earth system visioning, the following earth system sustainability and Future Earth initiatives and other science communities focusing on further interaction between science and society.

Stretching from human dimensions of global environmental change to climate change, geospherebiosphere and biodiversity, global environmental change programs (IHDP, WCRP, IGBP and DIVERSITAS) provide main research collaboration and communication platforms for already agreed-upon grand challenges and solutions. The recent Future Earth initiative of ICSU underlines the importance of regional nodes with structural frameworks connecting researchers, service users and policy-initiators on regional basis.

Realizing this necessity for regional consciousness and accumulative dialogue for better acknowledgment of common challenges and opportunities shared at regional level, the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN), together with Japan representatives of the Global Environmental Change Programs, has initiated the Global Environmental Change - Japan (GEC-Japan) platform in order to facilitate and promote institutional and research collaboration among global change researchers.